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Everyone needs a lil' bit of guidance from time to time.  Let me help and guide you every step of the way!

Available Services


One-and-Done Session

Solution-oriented advice and strategies for a pressing financial issue.


1-Month Program

Assistance on multiple topics and building a concrete financial plan for the future.


3-Month Program

Help with addressing multiple financial issues or recovering from a financial setback.


6-Month Program

All-out support and mentoring to address financial problems and plan for approaching life events.



No matter what, you can always count on me keeping it real with you—through the good, bad, and broke. I'm straightforward, honest, and always have your best interest in mind.



It's one thing to fix your current problems; it's another thing to set you up for continued success after our session(s). I aim to do the latter.

I try to educate you as much as possible along the way so you can use that knowledge in the future.


Real Plans

None of those, "just stop buying coffee and you'll be able to save" talks or whatever else those out-of-touch financial "experts" like to tell people.

We'll put together a real, executable plan for you to follow: debt payoffs, budget creation, savings plans, the whole 9 yards.

Stefon Walters approaches the topic of personal finances from a humorous, informative, and fluent manner. He gives insightful and realistic ways to dominate your finances with self-control and knowledge.

Taylor, P.


Stefon's ability to explain concepts that might scare off the would-be money savvy millennial in a way that engages -and- educates is truly special.

Stephen, H.

North Carolina

Stefon deftly articulates financial terms in an engaging way. His book Finessin' Finances is a must read!

Kenny, O.

New York

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